Pampas 'fluffing' guide

If you have purchased your pampas from us thank you, we hope that you enjoy your dried blooms just as much as we do! Follow these simple steps to help fluff your pampas. 

Before you start fluffing up your pampas please be reminded that all dried flowers are delicate so please handle with care. Please also bear in mind that no stems are the same, so fluffiness and plum lengths will vary.

Now for the fun part! We recommend taking your pampas outdoors to fluff as it will shed, but don't be alarmed this is a natural and part of the process. Your pampas is likely to arrive compressed so work your hands through each stem to help it to regain shape, then gently shake with care or roll slowly between both hands until the plume opens up and becomes fluffy. Over time the plume will naturally fluff out more. If you want to speed up the process and achieve maximum fluffiness quicker you can also use a hairdryer, keep on a low heat and speed, and use at a distance.  Go up and down the stems for approx 1-3 minutes until you have achieved your desired look.

To finish style in your vase and use a high hold hairspray and give your pampas a generous misting to prevent further shedding, repeat every 3-6 month.

For a video tutorial head over to our instagram @stixandstems_ you can find this under 'tips & tricks' in our highlights. 

Please note: some types of pampas grass do not require fluffing for example our 'Large Golden Pampas' or other types which may appear to have a dry and wheaty texture.

Keep out of direct sunlight for maximum life. Keep away from open flames.